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IPA Transportation

Trucking Services

"Where our business was good, we are now better. Where we needed improvement, we have improved. Where we lacked knowledge, we now have it. The IPA process has been rewarding in both my business and personal life."

-- An IPA Client in Texas

Milk Transportation

"We appreciate everything that IPA has done for us. We are being transformed into a viable and profitable company thanks to their assistance. We feel that we have a new friend and business partner in IPA. "

-- An IPA Client in Ontario

Hauling Company

"Without IPA, my company would no longer exist. After my time spent with IPA, I feel that we have a much better handle on our cost, budget and the direction in which we need to head. It has been a pleasure to work with the IPA staff and we appreciate the time and effort it took to help save us."

-- An IPA Client in Iowa


"We asked IPA to help our long time family business to continue to the third generation with the desired profits to ensure success into the future. IPA developed the tools needed for our business to attain the goals we have set for our company. They have left us with a wealth of information to improve our business. "

-- An IPA Client in Simcoe, Ontario

Trucking & Storage Company

"Throughout the project, IPA was truly important to us. They produced many significant organizational improvements, reinforcing existing growth strategies and facilitating new growth ideas. IPAís knowledge of my industry provided valuable feedback and guidance for the management team."

-- An IPA Client in Ohio

National Trucking Company

"IPA has done a fabulous job of reviewing and analyzing our business and providing solutions in many areas needing attention. They have given some excellent suggestions, financial tools and training to help our business become more successful."

-- An IPA Client in Utah

Transportation Services Company

"IPA has been a great resource. Their recommendations for improving our financial management and refining our organizational structure have already improved our performance. IPA also assisted us in developing creative ways of approaching issues that have burdened us in the past."

-- An IPA Client in California

Freight Management Company

"I have been motivated by IPA. Their knowledge and ideas have encouraged my hunger to make things happen. Iím feeling better about my business now, more than ever. I greatly appreciate all the help."

-- An IPA Client in Alabama

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