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Construction Industry

Rebar Subcontractor

"Problems we were facing in our contracting business included a severe cash flow crunch, quickly accelerating material cost, employees duplicating work and software programs. IPA quickly analyzed our business and presented us with a successful plan of action."

-- An IPA Client in California


"IPA could not have been a better fit for us. They quickly understood our requirements and worked toward improving our operations while being mindful of the staff. Their patience with us was appreciated and the key factor in our positive outcome. "

-- An IPA Client in Winnipeg, MB

Custom Home Rehabilitation

"We are excited about the new procedures, controls and innovations that IPA has initiated and implemented. We feel that these changes have already proven to be beneficial. We have begun to see more productivity in our operations area in the short time we have been working with IPA. Preparing and implementing budgets and cash forecasting will allow us to resume good relationships with our suppliers and will provide us with the tools to keep our payables on track. "

-- An IPA Client in Texas


"There is no way to express the impact that IPA had on my company and employees. We have learned so much in such little time and they have enabled us to see that we have so much more potential as a business and individuals than we ever realized. "

-- An IPA Client in Toronto, Ontario


"IPA has been very professional and great to work with. If it wasn't for their honesty and sincere concern, my company wouldn't have moved forward. I am more-than-comfortable working with them. "

-- An IPA Client in Indiana


"We are very pleased and satisfied with the service provided to us by IPA. They have helped us reach and maintain our company goal. We have enjoyed working with them and are very grateful for what they have helped us to accomplish. "

-- An IPA Client in LaSalle, Quebec


"I am most appreciative of IPA's willingness to handle the everyday situations that have helped us learn how to run the business. These included collecting payments owed, presenting information to the bank for a letter of credit and helping design a sales program. IPA has been very willing to work closely with us to help train my employees."

-- An IPA Client in Virginia


"I could tell from the first morning on the job that the IPA consultant's participation in all aspects of our office operations that she was serious about helping our firm. Her ability to assess conditions and make adjustments to improve operations was amazing and resulted in saving time and my money. "

-- An IPA Client in Georgia

Heating and Air Conditioning

"Before IPA's arrival, I was almost at my wits end, but within one month I am positive that my company is on the right track to becoming profitable and successful. IPA's insights on running a business have been beyond reproach and have taught me valuable lessons in areas such as personnel management and business finance. "

-- An IPA Client in New Jersey

Heating and Cooling

"With a joint effort from IPA and myself, I know my business will grow and succeed like never before. The benefits now available for my employees will surely make them happy and be proud to be associated with this company. "

-An IPA Client in Tennessee


"Because of IPA, we are excited about our future and have a new positive attitude on going forward and having control of our material and labor costs, managing inventory, marketing and running smoothly to ensure a positive cash flow. "

-An IPA Client in Minnesota


"After utilizing IPA, I have hope and feel better about where our business is headed. I have been taught invaluable lessons about how to make things better and how to run our company more efficiently. "

-An IPA Client in Florida

Painting Contractor

"With IPA's help, our company is now operating with an efficiency beyond even my own expectations of what I thought was possible in such a short time. I am personally looking forward to a lasting relationship with IPA. "

-An IPA Client in Texas


"It has been a pleasure to work with IPA and their consultant assessing the opportunities and challenges of improving the profitability of our new landscaping business and instituting changes that will ensure that we move quickly to reach these objectives. I have enjoyed working with IPA and I sincerely believe that we could not have repositioned the company without your insight, assistance and guidance. "

-An IPA Client in Ohio

Electrical Contractor

"The IPA consultant worked closely with us to develop job descriptions, evaluations and human resource documents that mesh well with our company personality. He treated our personnel with respect while teaching us new ways of thinking and new ways of organizing our resources and financial records. I enjoyed his willingness to take the time to talk through the issues and concerns I have as the owner of the company. "

-An IPA Client in Washington


"IPA designed and installed systems such as budgeting procedures, estimating processes and cash flow procedures that will increase our profits and allow us to operate much more efficiently. They also educated us on these systems so that we can continue the flow of a successful business long after they are gone. "

-An IPA Client in South Carolina


"When IPA came to our business, we were faced with a serious financial crisis, dwindling sales, poor morale and were struggling to find our way out. We had an idea of where we needed to go, but did not have the tools to get there. Thanks to IPA, we now have those tools, a clear vision of where we are going and the proper attitude to get there. "

-An IPA Client in Texas


"The implementation of positive changes along with the upgrading of our accounting systems would never have gotten off the ground without IPA's help and guidance. Their knowledge of sound business practices and skill of using the tools available in business today enabled us to make the transition to a more professional operation "

-An IPA Client in South Carolina

Electrical Contractor

"Through the IPA process of identifying operational flaws and methodically approaching the flaws with tools countervailing inefficiencies, success will be attained with proper implementation, monitoring and adjustments. "

-An IPA Client in California

Electrical Contractor

"The plan IPA developed was aggressive and entailed the necessary changes we needed to make as a company. We realize that we have a great deal to accomplish to take our company to the next level, but with the tools that IPA consultants have installed, we are well on our way to reach our goal. "

-An IPA Client in Arkansas

Electrical Contractor

"The manner in which IPA has conducted the consultation has allowed us to continue with our daily work and business as well as ease into the changes that have been implemented. It is evident that our company is moving in the right direction due to the effort and concern IPA has put forth. "

-An IPA Client in Florida


"We are a young company, just finishing our fourth fiscal year. IPA has provided a great education for my staff and me. I intend to be in business for a long time and this will keep us going strong. "

-An IPA Client in Kansas


"With the operational plans that IPA laid out, I now can run the business instead of letting it run me. I will recommend IPA to other businesses in the future. "

-An IPA Client in Louisiana

Civil Engineering

"IPA has listened to and observed our needs, wants and desires. In listening and observing, IPA has repaired our business in all the right places. They have been wonderfully patient and precise with solutions. We now have the much needed tools to ensure success both financially and with our staff. "

-An IPA Client in Texas

Land Surveyors

"I can honestly say that I have learned a good deal about the financial and organizational health of my company in a very short period, particularly the services I need to help the company grow and prosper in the future. I was impressed with the degree of understanding and knowledge that IPA brings to the table and level of professionalism they gave to my staff and me. "

-An IPA Client in Massachusetts


"The IPA consultant has taught us the skills and given us the information necessary to manage our business properly. He took the time to listen to what we wanted to do and understand the goals we wanted to achieve and helped us to put that plan into action. "

-An IPA Client in Wisconsin

Electrical Contractor

"IPA helped us identify several areas in which we may improve our profit. For once, we truly know what our overhead is and how to properly track costs. They also helped us to implement a workable cash flow program and get back on track with our vendors. We truly appreciate their knowledge and help in these areas. "

-An IPA Client in Arizona

Pool Installation

"I would like to commend the IPA consultants for their professional approach and personal courtesy shown to us on our project. The financial planning and marketing strategies we have learned will facilitate growth in our company. "

-An IPA Client in Michigan

Pool and Spa Installation

"The IPA consultant's work ethic and accomplishments with our company's reorganization was top notch. We were able to set our company's annual budget, set up an accounting program and manage employees. Many more significant contributions were made, as well. "

-An IPA Client in Florida

Windows, Trim and Vents

"My experience with IPA was a rewarding one. The knowledge and resources we have received are invaluable. Our company has and will continue to benefit greatly from IPA's consultation. I am impressed with the high level of professionalism each of their consultants exhibited while working with us. "

-An IPA Client in Georgia


"IPA has helped us with the various financial aspects of our business including budgeting, cost control and teaching us to implement the plan in our daily business activities. I appreciate their patience while we gathered all pertinent documents and their willingness to stay and teach. IPA worked onsite with us during normal business hours and provided assistance to a variety of people in our organization. "

-An IPA Client in Idaho

Remediation Management

"IPA was brought in to help us cope with the problems of controlling expenses and in particular to develop shop rates, which aid us in estimating quotes with built in predetermined profit and cash flows to sustain debt service and growth. The development of a strategic plan with marketing and sales planning has moved us forward in those market segments to expand sales growth and profits. The flexible budget and planning system has improved our focus to control expenses and grow profitably. "

-An IPA Client in Michigan


"Our business has been in the family for almost 100 years and I was deeply concerned that we would be out of business in a few short years. Now, with IPA's help, I am excited about the future of the company and its profitability. My sons and daughter are excited about being a part of growing and viable company. "

-An IPA Client in Illinois

Landscaping Company

"I truly believe that the information I have received from IPA will make me more profitable. From the incentive program, to the set up of our new accounting system, to the liberation of my time, I thank you for all your help. "

-An IPA Client in Minnesota

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