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Steel Company

"The commitment and abilities of IPA over the course of this project has been terrific. The company has taken on an entirely new complexion and together we have made enormous strides. We are now able to address and resolve issues that, in many cases, have gone unnoticed. These advances have been facilitated by clearly defining duties, responsibilities and accountability in all departments of our business. The level-headed approach of IPA has led this company through some challenging work. "

-- An IPA Client in Ohio

Concealment Systems

"I developed an instant rapport with IPA and because of that, our project was a success. Thanks to IPA’s efforts, I know that my company can move forward with the knowledge that they provided me. "

-- An IPA Client in Florida


"IPA implemented a new computer system, trained our personnel and has the new system running efficiently. We received help bidding jobs, determining job costs, purchasing and managing hours. Everyone is happy with the results. IPA has shown us the light at the end of the tunnel, it is great to know that positive results can be achieved by changing procedures that have had a detrimental effect on the company. "

-- An IPA Client in Washington

Pipe Fabrication and Supply

"IPA has transformed us into a company that has a better concept of business. We now can move forward in a better position for future business growth and employee growth. The recommendations made have been a major instrument for a major return. I am very satisfied with their ability to work with our staff and our environment. "

-- An IPA Client in California

Steel Supply and Fabrication

"IPA's instruction has allowed my company to become financially stable and enabled me to become financially secure both personally and professionally."

-- An IPA Client in Illinois


"Our company has been changed forever thanks to the professionals from IPA. The consultant was insightful and very helpful in dealing with the dysfunctions of our organization. He has helped us to gain a much needed view of our operations as well as the tools to help us achieve our goals. "

-- An IPA Client in Maryland

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