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Tire and Supply

"IPA was a great asset to our office personnel, as well as wonderful, professional addition. We have learned a great deal about our company, what we were doing wrong and how to correct those mistakes. IPA has provided us with a great service."

-- An IPA Client in Ohio

Clothing Store

"I requested that IPA come in to help my company overcome its weaknesses and become more profitable. IPA surpassed my expectations and took a genuine interest in my company. We immediately began to see results. "

-- An IPA Client in Toronto, Ontario

Apparel and Supply

"Due to IPA help, I have made great progress in my business. I now have the tools that give me the ability to see manage my money. IPA has been very honest in working with me and within my cash flow so that we can bring this project along. They interacted with my employees professionally and effectively and enjoyed their input regarding how to successfully run the business. I would look forward to working with them again."

-- An IPA Client in New York

Furniture Store

"IPA has provided us with a valuable service. We are not able to accurately determine our break-even, cost and price our products and confidently execute all other tasks. The project has been a success. Not only does my staff have a better understanding of their responsibilities, but they also now understand how they affect other departments, cash flow, profitability and the overall health of the business."

-- An IPA Client in Wisconsin

Appliance Co

"When I hired IPA I felt my company was at a crossroads and in order to make sure the company went in the right direction I decided I needed some outside help. IPA did an excellent job developing a plan tailored to our company and accomplished all the goals that were set. I am extremely satisfied with the performance of IPA and would recommend your company in the future. I am confident that I now have an ally in the business work and I have the confidence to set future goals for the company and accomplish those goals. Thank you again."

-- An IPA Client in Maryland

Hardware Store

"We have seen a continued increase in our end of year gross sales. This has always been a good feeling for us, but in the past few years we had become increasingly concerned about having a positive cash flow. If the sales were there, where was the cash? As this question was again weighing heavily on us, a phone call from IPA happened. Since IPA, my husband and I have felt like the floodgates have been opened to us. We have been introduced to the tools that will give us the capabilities to run our store as a more updated entity. "

-- An IPA Client in Wisconsin

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