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Security Systems Company, Business Service

"IPA has been a great resource, mentor, coach and friend in this process. They gave me a shoulder to lean on as well as an opportunity to discuss my vision, plans, strategies and dreams. They have empowered me to make many of the changes I have wanted and tried to implement in the past. They have enlightened my managers and employees of the importance of change, accountability results and the passion to change this company."

-An IPA Client in Philadelphia

Security Systems Company, Business Service

"We sincerely appreciate the professional and courteous manner IPA personnel has supplied input and guidance regarding our business circumstances. The advice given is to the point and of great value to us. "

-An IPA Client in Illinois

Design Company, Business Service

"We are a creative type business so creating structure, definition, business operations and financial procedures are not our strengths. Because of IPA, both my employees and employers have more confidence in the company, its future and potential individual income."

-An IPA Client in California

Security System Installer, Business Service

"IPA has been a joy to work with. Their knowledge and expertise in business management and financial operations is superb and their ability to integrate sound business principles with our unique and specific strengths and weaknesses has truly opened our eyes to areas of previous ignorance, passiveness and neglect."

-An IPA Client in Washington

Control Technology, Business Services

"Because of our fast growth and lack of previous business experience, we quickly became disorganized and rarely had the proper information to make decisions. These issues are the reason we hired IPA. The IPA consultant gave us the methods we need to implement in order to reorganize our company and continue to grow in the future."

-An IPA Client in New Jersey

Technology Learning Centers, Business Services

"IPA has done a very good job of getting our company focused on what we need to put us in a profitable position. They have provided financial tools that will help us better manage our business on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We are now more organized than we've been in many years."

-An IPA Client in Virginia

Direct Mail Marketing

"We were in need of an outside and objective observer to look at our company and make recommendations as to how we could improve our operations. With the changes that IPA implemented, we feel that we are now ready to grow to the next level. "

-An IPA Client in Burnaby, BC

Civil Engineering Consultants

"The information that was provided to us by IPA was well researched and presented. They provided a good representative picture of our firmís strengths and weaknesses. IPAís management consulting services were quick, intense and well executed. "

-An IPA Client in Owen Sound, Ontario

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