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"The IPA program has been a wonderful infusion of knowledge and practical application into a business that has been struggling to find direction for several years. I have been amazed at the volume of work that has been accomplished. Had I tried to accomplish the same results on my own, I could be looking at several years of endeavor with a fraction of the results. I have learned to track my expenses, project my income and forecast shortfalls. I have been given the tools to make this business grow and become a more efficient operation. This has given me security that I have not known for some time. "

-- An IPA Client in Texas

Computer Repair

"IPA offered solutions to many of the problems that were keeping my company from running smoothly and kept it growing. It was a very enlightening experience and I look forward to working with them again. "

--An IPA Client in Toronto, Ontario

Baseball equipment provider

"IPA has shown us the proper way to run a business for profit and I look forward to the future knowing that IPA and their people stand behind us 100%. We have learned that success in certain areas flows over into other areas of life. IPA was able to help not only improve our business, but improve our quality of life as well. "

-- An IPA Client in Texas

Healthcare Services

"IPA has developed some very useful financial tools that were easy to learn and were implemented into the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly business plan. Their approach to creating these tools is something I consider extremely innovative and I am impressed with their ability to detail each tool for our business. "

--An IPA Client in Ottawa, Ontario

Home Health Services

"Our business contracted with IPA because we had failed as management to implement our ideas. Moving forward, IPA mapped out a thorough strategy including financial, management and employee considerations to meet our goals of increasing efficiency and profitability for the company. "

-- An IPA Client in Pennsylvania


"IPA operated in a very professional manner when identifying our areas of concern. They also worked to rectify our concerns in a way that was easy for my staff to understand. "

--An IPA Client in Cameron, Ontario

Track Maintenance Company

"Due to IPA's professional and diligent work, we have a complete and comprehensive program to bring our company up to date. We now have the accounting tools and procedures necessary to get accurate and timely financial reports. We also have outlines for a business plan, budgets, employee evaluations, marketing and sales strategies. "

-- An IPA Client in Minnesota

Misc. (Hockey Leadership Program)

"Our consultant has been a very positive force, knowledgeable coach and a mentor to all our staff. He has been an inspiration to me and I am very grateful to him for that. He has made my life better and ultimately his input and action has changed lives of all our employees. I thank IPA for your professional service and for the staff member you have provided. You have made us a better company. "

-- An IPA Client in Toronto


"In a matter of three days the consultant was able to understand the problems and started working on a new business plan to reorganize our company. They were able to completely restructure the way we were managing our business. By addressing each item with their knowledge and foresight with the plan that IPA devised, I was able to work an 8 hour day instead of the 14-16 hour days that I had been working and I still remained under control. "

-- An IPA Client in Pennsylvania


"I congratulate you on having very high quality people who professionally represent IPA. My consultants demonstrated their outstanding skills in assessing our situation and implementing significant changes to improve our performance. They took the time to thoroughly explain the changes that were needed and provided us with working forms that help us to plan and manage the business. We now have a manager that has moved from being the next mechanic to managing the service business. They had a very positive impact on this change. "

-- An IPA Client in Georgia

Dry Cleaner

"It would have taken us years to accomplish what we did in just a few weeks. We not only have all the tools in place that we need to be successful in the future, but we also understand those tools. I value it as one of the best investments I have ever made. "

-An IPA Client in Missouri

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