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IPA is a full-service business development group and general management consulting firm focused on small and medium-size privately-held companies in North America.

IPA has helped more than 200,000 small and medium-size businesses maintain positive cash flow, control costs and accelerate profitable growth, allowing entrepreneurs and managers to make the most of their work and their lives.

We have 1,100 employees and are regarded as the fastest growing management consulting company serving our market segment in the history of American business.

As the largest management consulting company in our market, we have more experience in providing consulting services to the owners of small and medium-size businesses than any other company. We have analyzed more than 200,000 businesses and provided services to more than 80,000 business owners. It is widely held that we are the only management consulting firm in the world that delivers such a broad array of professional services to the small and medium-size business marketplace.

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