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Auto Body Shop

"My experience with IPA has been phenomenal. The team has helped me understand the business and gave me tools to become a confident general manager. I will definitely call upon IPA again in the future when my business reaches the next level."

-- An IPA Client in Minnesota

Auto Repair

"We thank IPA for all the vital business knowledge that we have obtained through them. Our business of 10 years had flat lined and was lacking direction, structure and focus until IPA came in with the tools and knowledge to take our business to the next level. We now feel that we can manage and grow our small business into the corporation it should be. "

-- An IPA Client in Surrey, BC

Automotive Sales

"The entire IPA project helped us to identify strengths and weaknesses, create a plan to strengthen our core management structure and implement the process into our company in a smooth and timely manner. Working with IPA forced our company to confront the actions necessary to strategically position itself for the targeted goal. We certainly would not have made such quick and decisive actions for improvement without IPA's guidance."

-- An IPA Client in Indiana

Auto Service

"From the IPA project, we have gained so much knowledge of the way a business is supposed to be run. When we started this project, we had no idea what was involved in running an effective business. We had no reporting systems to provide me with accurate information. We have involved all our employees in the process of change. We have structured new management teams and are doing a better job of working together."

-- An IPA Client in Tennessee


"After 23 years of running my own business, IPA has given me the tools to run it successfully. The IPA consultant has been a pleasure to work with. He has been very patient and kind in his training approach. I appreciate the way he listened and took different approaches in helping me understand unfamiliar financial concepts."

-- An IPA Client in California

Auto Body Shop

"I would like to extend a thank you to IPA and their tremendous staff for helping us mature and grow in a short period of time. Together we analyzed the organizational infrastructure and implemented a cash management plan. Before this project, my level of financial understanding was not strong. However, thanks to IPA and their incredible accounting knowledge, I now am able to understand all financial reports and statements."

-- An IPA Client in Minnesota

Automotive Parts and Equipment

"I have been in the truck parts business for 31 years and the last four years haven't been fun. I love to sell, but not knowing if I made a profit until the end of each year has been a problem. On the accounting side of the business I did not know where I stood. Thanks to IPA for the manner they handled my people and put my business operations in place. Now, I will be able to know where I stand at any time."

-- An IPA Client in Arkansas

Fuel Technology

"The IPA consultant has pointed us in the right direction with all the tools for success. His breadth of knowledge from human resources to financial controls was impressive. Their communication skills helped to solidify an already impressive array of spreadsheets and methodologies."

-- An IPA Client in Kentucky


"IPA's hard work has not only developed a clearer understanding of our financial records, but has been reflected through changes in the attitude of all our employees. Their instruction and training on managerial roles has enabled us to communicate and guide our employees in an uplifting manner. Everyone, including myself, is extremely grateful for this service."

-- An IPA Client in New York


"When we started this IPA program we had no idea what was involved in running an effective business. We had no reporting systems to provide accurate, up to date information. IPA has provided our family business with a great deal of knowledge to create a professionally managed organization."

-- An IPA Client in Tennessee

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