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Wholesale Distributors

"The restructuring of our organizational chart, the development of a business plan, the implemented changes in sales, purchasing, accounting and operations all have had a very positive impact on the profitability of our business."

-- An IPA Client in North Carolina

Natural Gas Distributor

"IPA understood our needs and were able to identify and address the problem areas efficiently. They have been a great help getting our company back on track to being a more efficient operation. "

-- An IPA Client in Toronto, Ontario

Granite and Marble Distribution

"I personally have been working a great deal with the IPA consultant and feel that he has been able to motivate and educate both my partner and myself. He has proven to us that the possibilities are real and attainable. "

-An IPA Client Illinois

Fuel Distributor

"With the help of IPA, we have been forecasted a prosperous future. I appreciate the suggestions and plan to sustain this growth through budgeting, business plans, job descriptions and marketing strategies over the next few years. "

-- An IPA Client in Forest, Ontario

Coffee Distributor

"IPA was able to successfully point out the strengths and weaknesses in all aspects of our organization. In the few weeks that the IPA consultant had been working for us, he has created a new business philosophy for our management. By instituting an annual profit plan and budgeting system we will be able to actively managing our sales revenue, cost of goods sold and operating expenses."

-An IPA Client in California

Supply Co

"I am writing to let you know how pleased we have been with our decision to bring your companies services to our business. Our consultant has done an excellent job in adding structure and systems which enable us to see and resolve the issues that most need our attention. His knowledgeable instruction in the new systems that we now have in place has made all the difference."

-- An IPA Client in Massachusetts

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