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"The time with IPA has been the most instructive, informative and challenging time that I have spent over the years of my tenure here as a partner and owner. We now have a professional business model that we can manage, measure and build upon. To continue doing what we have done in the past would have never propelled us to the potential that we now know is possible. "

-- An IPA Client in Colorado

Saw Manufacturer

"IPA handled themselves at all times with a purpose while remaining respectful of all the people involved in the process. They were a pleasure to work with and played an important role in the successful completion of our project. "

-- An IPA Client in North Bay, Ontario

Pallet Manufacturer

"The IPA consultant has shown us just how much we have to learn about running our business properly and has given us the tools to begin putting things on the right track. He has been very patient and kind in showing us the areas that are in great need of attention and working through each plan for improvement. "

-- An IPA Client in New Jersey

Plastics Manufacturer

"IPA has been nothing but professional and a joy to work with. The amount of information, knowledge and insight has been unbelievable. "

-- An IPA Client in Scarborough, Ontario

Farming Supplies Manufacturer

"IPA helped me to see what was missing and provided me with the tools and knowledge I needed to effectively manage my business. IPA helped me define my goals and once my objectives were clear, we began developing a plan. The organizational structure was defined and a budget was developed and implemented along with an employee handbook. My human resource skills were sharpened and we created a team atmosphere. "

-- An IPA Client in Iowa

Plastics Manufacturer

"I found IPA to be very knowledgeable in all aspects of our business and we achieved a reasonable plan for us to follow. I enjoyed working with IPA and if I were to need consulting in the future, I would use them again. "

-- An IPA Client in Waterloo, Canada


"We are very happy with the work IPA has done. They have helped us implement many necessary systems we were lacking. In the short time they have been here, we have already seen an improvement in the morale of our workers and that the systems implemented are going to work for our particular business. "

-An IPA Client in Pennsylvania

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