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With the mountains of tax legislation facing local accountants, many don't have the time to keep abreast of the constantly changing tax laws. The professional staff at IPA provides the necessary experience when and where you need it -- helping you deal with the present, and plan for the future.

Part of understanding how IPA’s tax planning services differ from other tax professional services is in recognizing the difference between tax planning and tax compliance. Compliance occurs at the end of the tax period. The internal information is placed on the appropriate line of a tax return, which is timely filed. Compliance work focuses on the tax return itself. Although the result of planning is ultimately displayed on the tax return, tax planning happens throughout the year. Planning considers using beneficial areas of tax law to structure business transactions. Compliance is legally necessary and tax planning provides much more benefit. Tax strategies stretch well beyond the year-end tax savings thought of finding a receipt or buying a last minute piece of equipment for the business to reduce tax liability. A strategic tax plan will increase the after-tax dollars of the business owner.

IPA's core commitment is to provide value to each client through technical expertise and service. Our staff strives to maintain the highest possible level of technical expertise through a broad spectrum of internal and external training and interactive client assignments. We pride ourselves on being recognized by clients and other professionals as a premier strategic tax advisory firm.

Our clientele is composed of a diverse group of businesses (including both established and emerging companies) and their individual owners, spanning the U.S. and abroad. In fact, IPA is understood to be one of the largest, independent tax planning advisory services to the small to medium-size businesses in the United States.

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